Marvel Dr. Strange Film Review

Hello everyone. I finally had given myself some time to watch a movie in the cinema. I became determined to not be left out of the hype since 2016 has been the era of comic superhero movies.

One movie in particular has been making me giddy since I read a news article in the Internet that Benedict Cumberbatch will be cast as Dr. Strange for the new MCU film. For those who doesn’t know, Dr. Stephen Vincent Strange a.k.a. Dr. Strange is Neurosurgeon in New York but lost his career after a freak accident that made his hands unable for him to perform surgeries.

As for the rest of the story, you might as well read the comics or watch the movie. lol

I will put some SPOILER ALERT here since I might spoil a few scenes to those who haven’t watched the movie yet.

It isn’t a surprise for me that Cumberbatch did a great job with the character. Knowing that he had portrayed a character that has some similarities to Stephen Strange ..ahem.. Sherlock *cough*

Anyhow, like any Marvel done by Marvel themselves, there is humor and some sprinkle of drama. The visual effects are breathtaking, unlike any Marvel movie that has been ever made. And you gotta love the cloak of levitation. I keep wishing that I have my own cloak of levitation. Couldn’t hold the laugh, the cloak was a scene stealer.

Lastly, one doesn’t not leave a Marvel movie until the end of the credits. The end credits has a lot of easter eggs and some speculations that needs to be confirm in the next movies of the MCU. I am looking forward for 2017 😀

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