Thoughts on Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Been a fan of Harry Potter since I discovered the series back in my elementary school days. The first book I read was chamber of secrets. I asked my grandfather to buy the book for me when I found it in the book store. I was not reader back then but after reading the book I got hooked and became a bookworm for life.

I couldn’t buy the first up to the latest book (it was order of the phoenix at that time) books was expensive even back then I can’t beg my grandfather to buy them all for me. But I was lucky when my mother came back home, she asked if I have read Harry Potter and if I had one but she ended up buying all the books for me.


Any way back to the main topic. As Potterhead I was pretty excited for a new film from the wizarding world. I even experienced it first hand in Universal Studios L.A. 😀 I am thank full for my tita’s for the free trip ❤

I planned to watch the film alone but I ended up going with my mother and her BFF since she was planning to go to the city to meet with her BFF who was visiting from America. So instead of my first initial plan, I took the opportunity to suggest to watch the movie in IMAX.

I was glad they went to my suggest even with the expensive tickets of IMAX lol. So I brought my trusty wand that I bought in Universal Studios and I even bought the Original Screen Play book.  I fell in love with Newt. He is a total introvert which I can relate to but with Eddie playing as Newt was even better. I even caught some Easter Eggs along the way. The mating dance was hilarious. Jacob is lovable and funny too.

I read some news that Johnny Depp will be in the movie but his short appearance was unexpected which makes me want more. I have faith in J.K. Rowling to make the next 4 movies as great as this one. So I have to be patient since this won’t be like Harry Potter where you can read the books and watch the movies later. 😀

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