This blog was created for a hobbyist’s purpose in just sharing her hobbies and thoughts. Then lately it became more than a hobby but an idea that the creator loved.

J.T. Strong (a pen name) is in her early 20s but has no idea on how to act her age. Well how one does act in their early 20s? She is active in social media; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, just to name a few. She recently made a Bookstagram account and fell in love with the community and discovering new bookish things. She sometimes blame bookstagram made her TBR list longer. Which is getting longer by the minute.

Ella (her nickname) also post her reviews from this blog in GoodReads. You can add her as friend there since she loves to make new bookish friends.

She also dreams to write her own books series someday. Currently she starting to take note some ideas and had a Tolkien inspired story that she wants to do. For now it’s still under the ‘ideas’ archive but she already started but slowly plotted out the characters and the world. But for now she is starting to write short standalones to practice and develop her writing skills. The last full length novelette she wrote was back in highschool.

So welcome and please enjoy Ella’s little corner here in the world wide web. Feel free to comment or recommend a few. She likes to engage to her readers. 😄

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