Captain America 3 Civil War: Trailer Reaction and Expectations


A 3rd Captain American movie is coming out next year! I am so excited. I read the whole civil wars arc in the comics. I love the trailer especially the scene of Tony and Steve in the trailer. My fujoshi senses where tingling [for those who doesn’t know, Fujoshi is a girl who is a fan of Yaoi].

Since I already mentioned that I have read the whole Civil Wars arc series in the comics [whew I think that it was 40 comics in different issues of different superheroes]. I was hoping to see Spiderman in the trailer but sadly I only see Black Panther in there but I hope they release another trailer with spidey and ant-man as well since they said that the will be in the movie.

Spiderman is like the conscience or bridge between Tony and Steve, in the comics. I don’t know if this will be the same in the movie. It is the job of the script writers but I hope they try to stick to the plot and add some good spice into it if the change the story from the comics.

As we all know [for those who read the comics] Steve died in Civil Wars. *Que thunder and scary music* But we still don’t know if the producers and writers will stick to this plot but I hope the would because it will add a little more drama in the movie series. *evil grin*

So I will wait patiently for the movie to be released and as for the mean time. I’ll have to satisfy my Yaoi cravings for some Stony pictures in tumblr and pinterest or I could find some trailers in youtube for movies that has potential to be in my must-watch list. 😀  Let’s hope the movie will turn out great, I really fell in love with Marvel since the first Marvel movie I watched was spiderman. :3