[Cover Reveal] The Lucifer’s Clock Series Vol. III: Fighting The Beast by T. Hayden

Welcome New Readers and Welcome Back to Readers who have been waiting for this.

Whew it’s been a while since I read this series and I am so happy that the author asked me to do this cover reveal. Before you dive right into this blog post, if you’re new and haven’t read the series then stop and go read Volume 1 of the series. If you’re like me who has been waiting then proceed. Here you will read an exclusive excerpt from the book.

Title: Fighting The Beast

Series: Lucifer’s Clock Series

Pre-order Date: November 21, 2020

Release Date: December 12, 2020

Book Blurb

Angelica’s worse nightmare has come true…She is living in hell aka Abyssal with her long-lost father, Lucifer. He is intent on bringing forth the beast within her by any means necessary, but Angelica is determined to fight him. For the first time in her life she doesn’t have a guardian angel or any family by her side to protect her. She is completely on her own and intends to keep it that way if she wants to keep her friends and family safe. The beast is starting to surface more often, and Angelica is slowly losing control. Sooner than later she realizes there is only one battle that matters…the one within her.


“Once an innocent has been in Abyssal for some time, they are no longer themselves. If they went back to their families or attempted to go back to their previous lives, they would be haunted by their experience and their soul would be forever tainted with the darkness of Abyssal. Caleus is the only place where their soul can be restored to its true glory and they can be truly happy,” Gabriel explained.

“We have to get Angelica out of there now!” Nala panicked. 

“Calm down,” Roman instructed. “We don’t know if Abyssal will have the same effect on Angelica. It is sort of her home.”

“That is not her home,” Michael muttered in a dark tone.

“Wait did Angelica open the portal?” Nala asked, her panic quickly transforming to curiosity.

“I believe so,” answered Michael. 

Nala frowned. “I don’t understand why she would do that.”

“Because that’s what Angelica does. She thinks about others before she thinks about herself,” murmured Michael. 

“That’s obvious, but she’s also up to something,” Roman interjected. “I’ve got a feeling my girl is planning something.”

 Michael scowled at his possessive usage. 

Nala discreetly elbowed Roman. The last thing she wanted was for him and Michael to be fighting over her best friend right now.

 Roman ignored Nala’s jab and continued. “All I’m saying is that Angelica is smarter than you all give her credit for. Trust me she has something up her sleeve.”

“If that’s the case we need to hurry up because Angelica’s plans are nothing short of crazy.”

Suddenly a desperate, howling filled the air. A look of fear crossed Domenico’s face. The pack leader looked at Roman and took off in the direction of the sound.

“Why doesn’t that sound good?” gulped Nala.

“Because it isn’t,” answered Roman. He swiftly picked Nala up and threw her miniature frame across his back. He ignored Nala’s screams of protest as he took off running behind Domenico while the angels took flight. 

As Michael drew closer to Domenico’s pack, he growled at the sight of bounty hunters and vampires surrounding the werewolves. All he could think was that they were screwing with his one chance at rescuing Angelica. Him, Robinette and Gabriel swooped down into the middle of the battle, with the force of a small earthquake.

Some of the vampires backed away, while the bounty hunters looked confused as to why angels were there in the first place. The bounty hunters did not waste any time running away as fast as they could. Werewolves they could kill, but angels were a whole different matter.

“Vampires, you are violating statute 14.1!” bellowed Gabriel as she pulled out her sword. “No abyssal creature shall inhabit Corporis without permission from the Creator. Last time I checked none of you abominations have been given permission due to your appetite and disregard for innocents lives.”

The vampires hissed at her words. Michael was surprised that they had not run with the bounty hunters. Were they opposing them? If so, that was something new to him and frankly disturbing.

“The princess is home now, and your reign is soon coming to an end!” yelled one of the vampires.

“Now that’s where you’re wrong.” Michael moved with his angelic speed and ripped the vampires head off its body. He then crushed it between his hands until it disintegrated into dust.  “Again, that is not her home.”

“Anyone else?” Gabriel asked pleasantly as if she was offering a treat.

Within a millisecond a young vampire ran to a nearby werewolf and ripped its heart out. The vampire threw the heart to the ground in front of Gabriel and smiled.

“No!” screamed Nala, who was now standing behind Roman. Michael felt a small bit of sympathy for the young werewolf that Nala had become briefly infatuated with. 

The vampires smile faded to dust as a silver, glaive boomerang blade was embedded in his chest. Like all Abyssal creatures the silver destroyed him immediately.

  Roman’s attack ignited something in the werewolves because they all howled in unison and shapeshifted into their werewolf form and the fighting began.

Gabriel looked at Michael with a raised eyebrow. She was just as surprised as he was at the vampire’s brazen disregard of their authority. She smoothed down her hair while looking in her blade that was positioned in the air in front of her.

“Robinette, darling if you are not up to this feel free to wait on the sidelines.”

Robinette swiftly kicked an approaching vampire so hard he smacked into a tree and split in half. She grabbed another one from behind her by the head and swung him over her shoulder, smashing his body into the ground and forcefully yanking his head from his body. “I think I’m good,” she said striding toward another vampire with a murderous look on her face.

“Damn! What division is she in again?!” Roman asked retrieving his weapon off the ground. He hastily pushed Nala behind him as he pulled another one off his hip and elegantly threw the blades at an approaching vampire. By the time the vampire head dropped to the ground the blades were back in Roman’s possession. 

“She has not been assigned yet,” said Gabriel as she smoothly severed three vampire heads at once with her sword in one fluent movement. “But I have a feeling she’ll be in the warring angel’s division.”

“She is amazing,” Nala said in awe at Robinette’s fighting moves. 

Roman ran abnormally fast at a vampire, jumped in the air, wrapped his legs around the vampire’s head bringing its body to the ground. Using the power of his legs, he cracked its neck and ripped its head off its shoulders.

“And I guess I’m just a cheerleader?!” Roman asked doing a fancy kick up move to get back up. 

“You’re good to, but she’s Angelica’s mom. She’s the epitome of a cool mom.” 

Neither of them noticed the vampire creeping up on Nala as she gawked at Robinette and Roman tried to show off his best moves to gain her praise. 

The vampire grabbed Nala and yanked her to his chest, but before he could bite her, she quickly pulled a little spray bottle off her hip and sprayed over her shoulder into the vampire’s face. The vampire instantly let go of her. It stumbled backwards screaming and covering its face.

“Not again sucker!” Nala yelled at the vampire who had now fallen to the ground and was convulsing. “You know you could’ve changed and set the bar! You could have been the first vegetarian vampire or some lucky girl’s Edward, but nooooo you had to be all Mr. I vant to suck your blood!”

Roman was immediately at her side. “What the hell did you do to it?”

“Connie gave me a potion for them before we left.”

“That was nice of her and freakishly convenient.” Roman said throwing two glaive blades simultaneously at two vampires that had turned to bats to escape the battle. His blades raced after them and sliced through them as if they were tissue.

“It was her way of apologizing for swiping my memory of my first vampire attack.”

“Your first?” asked Roman frowning as he jumped in the air and caught the returning blades.

“Oh, Roman we have so much to discuss,” Nala said in a haughty voice. “I was a part of this supernatural world long before you knew who you were whipper snapper.”

Roman chuckled and unsheathed the sword on his back. He scooped her up with one arm and swung his sword with his other arm, cutting off the head of another vampire that had tried to creep up on Nala. 

Nala looked at him in shock as if she were just seeing him for the first time. 

Roman smirked, happy to finally have her attention. He sheathed his sword on his back. 

“Sure, you were. Now let’s get you out of here before the supernatural world tears you apart.”

About the Author

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T.Hayden resides in Newport, Minnesota with her three kids and significant other. She loves her family, but she frequently fantasizes about eloping with a vampire or having a forbidden love affair with a Greek God. To curb her traitorous desires she writes paranormal romances.

You can also buy a copy of Volume 1 and 2 of the Lucifer’s Clock series in AMAZON .

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