Bookbox Unboxing: Mermaid Crate July ‘Vengeance’ Box

Hello! Hello! Helloooooo!

Here we have an unboxing review of a new Philippine base book sub box company. It’s called Mermaid Crate. Possibly the next Fairyloot 😱 .

Anyways their debut box in July is themed ‘Vengeance’. I got pretty more excited with the news that their boxes will contain HARDBACK books! Yes each box will have a hardback book based on the them of each box.

All I can say that Jaz and L out done themselves. I haven’t opened the box yet I am speechless because the box itself is so unique and useful that you can’t just throw it away. 😍

And me being a chaotic artist, it is perfect to store some of my small art supplies or treasures.

And here we have the contents of the box.

Overall Impression

Great first box for Mermaid Crate. It’s everything that I ever imagined and expected. And I am not kidding because the people in Mermaid Crate have NO CHILL 😂😂😂 I just love them ahahahahahaha

Good Luck and wish you all the best for your future boxes!

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