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Life Update #2: Family Struggles and Stress within a Sisterhood

Here is my 2nd life update entry.

So let’s start with Family struggles. Well I won’t say that it is a ‘struggle’ it is more like the expected or unexpected….it’s hard to explain.

So my grandfather has been bedridden for the last 6 years because of a major stroke back in 2011. He has been eating through a feeding tube for the last 2 years. Yeah the first few years he can still eat but only mashed stuff but it’s also a struggle for him to swallow though.

We always worry that he may choke. So anyway grandpa had a shoulder subluxation which my mom was in a panic because of it. So we bandage his arm to support the shoulder and bought an armbrace too.

It was time to change his feeding tube and surprise surprise we can’t insert a new one. A Doctor friend told my mom, more like reminded, that NGT feeding is short term and if it took long there will be lumps forming on the pathway to his stomach. Since grandpa has been in that state for 2 years so it’s expected.

So my grandpa haven’t eaten for 3 days but he was put on IV drip until the doctor inserted him a new NGT Tube successfully. But mama still wants to proceed with the operation. So 2 days later, my grandpa has now have a tube through his stomach. It is a relief actually now that he can be fed through there and he won’t suffer with the NGT tube anymore.

3 days after the operation he got discharged and we went home. My mom is more relived that he is taken cared at home and not at the hospital.

So that’s the family next is on the sisterhood.

So I am in a sisterhood organization. I won’t mention it here because it might be googled back to this article. lol Anyway I was made as the head of the council of a local chapter in my hometown. I am not an active member anymore since I am way pass the age but I still help out with the org even though it wasn’t my mother chapter but I was a dual member.

So yeah I am the type of person who easily gets bullied back in elem and high school so now that I am an adult I tend not try to involve myself with conflicts or confrontation because I am a sensitive type of person and I don’t want to stress myself or do something that is beneath me.

I am quite active as part of the council because they can’t start a meeting without me. Only time I can’t go is their outside activities, because of work and other circumstances that I can’t get out of. So because of the fall out and the bullying of one of the council members. I work on a letter to officially resign as head because I don’t want to stress myself anymore and get myself back into depression again.

So yeah I have been on a constant struggle last month so now I am slowly gathering some positive energy. I had to deactivate my Facebook because majority of the people who been causing me stress are there.

So yeah, that’s my life update guys. šŸ™‚

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