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My Bookish Pet Peeves.

Hello there everyone. Let’s talk about Pet Peeves more like Bookish Pet Peeves. I have a few pet peeves when it comes to books. It is like I have this hidden OCD just for books. 😂

So here are my top 10 Bookish Pet Peeves:

1. Different covers or changing covers in the middle of the series.

Why oh why did they have to change covers? Why can’t they stick to one or just make a slight change if it’s a special edition or something. But no they had to change it. I want my books to be uniformed 😣

2. Stickers on the book cover.

Yes when they put stickers in the books. Like when a local bookstore had to stick a sale or discounted sticker on it. You monster! 😩😤

3. Love Triangles

There are many ways to challenge the love between the main Hero and Heroine. Anything but a love triangle please. I’ve read some good ones but they’re being annoying now. If the love triangle is like the one in The Infernal Devices Series then I may let that slide.

4. Mary Sues and annoying, whiny protagonist or other characters.

I find Mary Sue type characters annoying. Very! I am okay with characters who will become special snow flakes but they had face some hardships a long the way. Example is Kael from the Fate’s Forsaken series. He is destined to be special (actually born with it but still had to work for it). Annoying and whiny protagonist or side characters, yeah I have a much dislike to those type too. It is a big turn off the only thing the will make me read a book with annoying or whiny type of protagonist or characters is either they have better characters that I like and the story plot is good enough.

5. Ugly book covers.

I know that you should never judge a book by it’s cover. I sometimes have an impulse cover buy too. But ugly book covers is my biggest turn off in a book. If the blurb is good I might buy it but will never display it in my shelves because the cover is ugly! 😓

6. Paperback books in a series that are not in the same height.

Yes like my first set of The Mortal Instruments. I just hate it when they have different heights. Our local bookstore is sometimes like that gahd. I was lucky that I found book depository.

7. Very short chapters.

I like long chapters because the story is long, as long as it is good. I hated when a chapters is just 5 or 2 or even 1 page long. I am like WTF?

8. Supposed trilogies that becomes a series.

This is my biggest one. The Mortal Instruments was supposed to be a trilogy then here we go it became a series. I love the series but gahd really? I was already settle for it to be a trilogy. That’s why I avoid on going series.

9. When they butchered the book in a movie or TV series adaptation.

There are some good ones but still a lot has butchered some great series. I just want to scream.

10. Being interrupted whilst reading.

Try if you want to die.

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