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How I came to love reading books.

I love reading and I love books too. But you can read the newspaper but I don’t. Read magazines but I just browse them. Read reader’s digest but I only read the interesting stuff. 😂

But how did I came to love reading books? Well for as long as I remembered I was fascinated by books because of the pictures. 😁 I remember my grandparents bought me picture book set of Disney stories back when I was 5. I don’t have the patience to read back then so my mom or nanny will read it for me. Then in my elementary years, I sometimes grab one of those old encyclopedia books that my grandfather bought for my mom and aunts when they were in high school. That’s where I got fascinated with world history and mythology because one collection has a diverse amount of information. From the origin of nursery rhymes to the legend of the lost city of Atlantis.

My patience in reading has slightly improved but not enough for me devour a whole book. The when I was 10 years old I dragged my grandfather to popular local bookstore. At that time I like to collect a certain magazine for kids. 😜 Then that’s where a book caught my eye. It was Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Being a kid back then I only want to buy the book because of the pretty cover and growing up with all those same white uniformed cover of encyclopedia books, the chamber of secrets was breath of fresh air in my eyes.

So I begged and gave the puppy eyed look to my grandfather and eventually bought the book. 😄 At first I was disappointed that it has little pictures. So I put it on the shelf for display but I keep getting back to the book. So I opened a random page and started to scan a few pages. I still have no patience to read long paragraphs back then. And there were some words I have no idea of their meaning.😂

So a year or two passed and my mother returned home from her work from the capital (manila). She asked if I heard of Harry Potter and if I have a book. I totally forgot that I have the camber of secrets when she called me at that time. Soe eventually she bought all 5 books (book 6 and 7 has yet to be published).

So during the time she was home. She asked me to read one chapter out loud each day. She even have a small dictionary and thesaurus for me if I found some tough words that I don’t know. 😂 Well I did devoured all 5 books of Harry Potter. We had to wait for book 6 at that time.

So I got busy at school and got ready for graduation. During the summer I was so bored. We couldn’t afford to travel and have a vacation so I was stuck at our provincial town for the whole to months until my first day as a freshman in high school starts. Cartoon Network and Disney has been boring a little in the day. The best shows are usually later in te afternoon or early evening. 

Being the snoopy and curious girl that I am. I went around my grandparents and my mom’s room to find something and I encountered a book. It was a medieval fantasy type and also thick. At first I grimaced on how thick it is but I was so bored I picked the book up. I got caught up with the story, even with the words that I am not familiar with I had to grab my mini dictionary. Since then, I devoured every book (that is fiction) that I can find in the house. I even binged read Harry Potter wen I heard the news that the 6th book will be published soon.

So that is when I came to love reading books. But most precisely, fictional books. I don’t know how many books that I’ve read through the years but who is counting. Books are my love and my happy place. ❤ I don’t know what my life would be if I haven’t bought the chamber of secrets back then.

So that’s it folks. And thank your for those who patiently read this post. I know some may not care for the ramblings of a stranger but I just want to share a little bit of my bookish side. 😄😆

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