Character Sheet: Kisara Alexandria

Designed by Ella (me). Digitized by WhimsyKitty

Character Name: Kisara Alexandria
Name Pronunciation: Key-sah-rah * a-lik-ZAN-dree-ə
Meaning: According to google, “Kisara: meaning Christian of Fame, “Alexandria” meaning Defender of Man
Gender: Female
Birthday: April 18
Age: 19
Family Tree:

  • Father: Enzo Alexandria
  • Mother: Selene Alexandria
  • Aunt : Gabriella Alexandria-Salvatore
  • Cousin : Loki Salvatore (23)
  • Cousin : Lucifer Salvatore (23)

Height: 5’9 ft plus 2 1/2 inch heels
Hair Color: Black with purple highlights/streaks.
Eye Color: Amber gold
Skin Color: Light tone
Facial Features: none
Hair Style: Braided or ponytail when in combat or training. Hair down when casual or special occasions. Hair length is below waist length.
Face Appearance: Heart shape face, Large cat like eyes
Body Build: Slender with an hourglass figure 38C-28-36
Personality: The quiet and introvert type, a Kuudere. Even as a child. Kisara was a quiet but intelligent child. If you get her out of her protective shell, she is can be joy to see. But after the tragedy she became more reserved and secluded. Now as the new Head of the House at a very young age, she needs to socialize in society balls and meetings of House Heads. Kisara may lacks social skills, she can be very blunt in her opinions, even to the King himself. But she knows the right conduct and etiquette that is needed to be a Lady in a Noble House.
Fashion Sense: Fashionable but practical. Loves Steam-punk and Autumn Fashion. Likes non restricted clothes since she likes to move around a lot and can easily go to combat. And maintain a sexiness vibe
Likes: Sweets, Books, Music, Spring and Autumn season
Dislikes: Stupid and idiotic people and people who annoy her. She easily gets annoyed when you know where to push her buttons.
Favorite Color: Purple and Black
Favorite Animal: Black Cat
Hobbies: Reading, Sketching and an occasional sparing session.
Soft Spot: Even for her lack of emotions. When Kisara gives her trust and life, she gives it her all for the people who are closest to her heart.
Cruel Streak: She gets all wrath mode when someone hurts her friends and loved ones. She is good at physical torture than mental torture. So don’t piss her off.
Habits and Mannerisms: Tends to bite lower lip when deep in thought
Strengths: Her strengths is more from her high IQ and photographic memory. Together with her keen observation skills and smart deliberation when in hard times and scenarios in battle.
Weaknesses: Kisara’s weekness is letting her emotions get the better of her and her goal for revenge. That is why she tried and perfected through the years on how to control her emotions and can still concentrate her search to avenge her family. The only ones who can turn on her emotions is the people closest to her heart. (The twins and occasionally Ileanna and Eclair)
Favorite Line: “Know your place.” (She even said this to the King when she was his ward. LMAO)

Know your place.

Character Backstory:
Kisara is the sole heir to the House of Alexandria, the family is responsible for the mining business of Altrus. Throughout history the House of Alexandria has been prosperous since the foundation of Altrus. Some say they are blood relatives to the royal family but none have confirm this false rumor. The noble House of Alexandria has serve the royal family for generations. They are responsible for bringing wealth in Altrus. They primarily own the mines in Trontell, where rare gems and minerals are mined for the currency and other ventures for the kingdom.

As the only child of the family, Kisara was spoiled by her parents. She was quiet child but with a very high IQ. She is very close to her father Enzo. Kisara sometimes help her father with the family business at a very young age, just nine years old, because of her high IQ and great photographic memory.

One night in the family summer chateau near the Trontell mines. A ball was held in honor for the birthday of the Head of the Alexandria family, Enzo and also the announcement of Kisara’s status as the heir of the family business ventures. As the party went on, something sinister has been hiding behind the shadows. People in the dance floor went still like statues. In the back ground we see a barely seen bloody thread in the light. One by one people are collapsing. Body parts falling, the dance floor painted red by the pool of blood. [Note for a very graphic description. See the movie Ghost Ship].

Kisara was dancing with her father when it happened but she was shielded by him. And for being a smart girl that she is, she pretends to be dead. So she collapse in her father’s pool of blood. In the corner of her eye she saw three shadows of the murders but one of them stood out to her is the one with a grim reaper tattoo on his chest as he steps into the moon light. She will never forget that tattoo as long as she live. Her little girl’s heart and dreams had shattered in that faithful night by the grim reaper himself.

For being the last surviving member of the main House of Alexandria, Kisara vows revenge to the person who wears the grim reaper tattoo in his chest. She dedicated her time to study martial arts and arts and skill of weaponry. When she caught the interest of King Volent her temporary guiardian, she was offered to train and become part of the Continent’s Military Force. Under the wing of Eclair Equiste, the heir to the House of Equiste and the newly appointed general of the Training Order. Kisara managed to finish her training at the early age of 17 years old and was then promptly given the title General by King Volent.

Abilities & Power:
Weapon: Sword staff – Rhaegal

  • Charge – for spear type weapons, the user throws the weapon to any location he or she wants. If an enemy is hit by the weapon, if even if it is his or her shadow, he/she will be temporarily paralyzed for 7 minutes. The swordstaff/spear will teleports it’s wielder to its location with just a simple command from the wielder. The teleportation only works if the handler is within a 25 yard radius from the swordstaff. No limit in the usage of this skill, since Rhaegal likes to impale his mistress’ enemies.
  • Lava Chains – Cripples and binds multiple foes with chains made of fire and molten lava. This skills is mostly use for support. The wielder has to stab his/her swordstaff to the ground since the chains will sprout from the ground. (because the chains are from hell/underworld duh, weapons from hell/underworld are very painful and prickly to demons lol) But chains can be broken too if the weapons used is from hell/underworld in origin (like the cursed weapons of the generals are an example) or break the wielder’s concentration since using this skill needs a lot of concentration. Cool off time is 5 minutes until the user will use this skill again.
  • Arena – the user summons an arena like dome where you can’t escape from unless you defeat the caster herself or steel Rhaegal from it’s mistress. (depending on the caster’s will on how big or small but the maximum size limit of the Arena is the equivalent size of the Antar training hall) Cool off time of this skill will take 10 minutes for the user to cool down until he or she can use this skill again.

Weapon Property: Flames of Tartarus – Black fire from the bowels of hell that will devour anything the caster wills it and grants vigor to allies. Can’t use the flames to heal herself, she can only heal her comrades. If she use the flames to heal herself, she’ll be devoured by the flames. A price for being chosen by Rhaegal. Once activated it will only lasts for 5 minutes. If a target is affected by the flames, the flames will disappear until the intended target has been devoured to nothingness. If a comrade is engulf with the flames, the flames will disappear once the comrade’s wounds are fully healed. Can use this skill only 3 times in a day. Drains life energy when go beyond the limit. Cool of time of this skill is 10 minutes.

Battle Type: Stealth & Agility

Others: Kisara is weak in giving punches. She is more adaptable with her kicks, (she has very long legs) which are very powerful if she goes full on. Due to her years of being a trainee under the tutelage of Eclair and practicing in the different types of martial arts and self defense lessons, Kisara is very swift and agile in combat. She can bring a demon down (not kill) with just her kicks if she loss hold of Rhaegal during a fight of battle.


  • Kisara was once gifted a panther cub by her father Enzo. That said cub is now the guard “dog” of the main residence. It’s name is Cerberus and he is only friendly to his Mistress, Balthazar (the head butler of the House), the salvatore twins.
  • Kisara was once engaged to Loki her cousin and childhood friend. But the engagement was broken after the massacre
  • Kisara’s claws is Altusian steel that can only be found in the mines of Trontell.
  • The gemstone on her arm-bracelet is Alexandrite, a very rare gem that is minded in Trontell. It has mysterious magical properties. It was gift from her mother, Lady Selene.
  • She loves tea and sweets and hates bitter foods.
  • She likes to enjoy her tea in the garden. Especially her mother’s famous Rose Garden.
  • Kisara is far sighted. She occasionally wears spectacles when she reads.
  • She has an occasional girly side. (She won’t admit it but she loves to go to balls and wear beautiful gowns, not to socialize though)
  • Her first kiss (or kisses) was the Salvatore twins. The boys were in phase and experimented on a 7 year old Kisara. (they love to tease her lol)
  • She won’t admit it but Kisara has a soft spot for Red-Heads.
  • She has a love and hate relationship with the king. (only one sided on the hate though) She loves him like a 2nd father but sometime hates him for being too demanding on her with her duties as the House Head.
  • Kisara’s taste in men is that they should be taller than her, chivalrous, intelligent, selfless, and honest. And can stubbornly break down her emotional wall.
  • She also has small irritation for scheming merchants who makes dirty and dishonest deals. She always runs a background check on them before considering their venture at the Captiol.
  • Her Swordstaff – Rhaegal – is quite heavy than a normal one. It can also burn you if you try to wield it without Kisara’s permission. (Rhaegal tends to hate men trying to wield ‘him’. He has a soft spot for ladies though. Depends to his taste, must be his personality when he was alive as a demon)

Note: This character is an RP character of mine hence the character sheet with a back story 🙂

Some pictures of Kisara

Kisara in Slytherin uniform
Kisara in her trainee uniform
in casual
in her general’s uniform












The 3 generals. Eclair, Kisara and Ileana. Art done by WhimsyKitty

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