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Creating Characters, Maps, a new World.

After my weekend marathon with Lord of the Rings and the other weekend marathon for The Hobbit; my love for the fantasy world and elves has returned.

I even created a new elf character from it. Been planning for a long time to write my own story now I have the motivation to do it. I even took notes and document in excel of my characters settings and story plot but I am still brainstorming on the names and places.

I already finished the character design of one character, who is the Main Character’s friend and companion. As for the Main Character, I already drew her but half way done with it since I have to discover her character and backstory.

I am taking baby steps to create the fictional world that I want. I find my inspirations form different authors I admire. And I want to be original as possible, I may add some cliche plots but what the heck I like cliche especially if it’s good and not to eerrr you know too cliche? lol!

Any way I might update my progress here in time. When I am done with the MC I will introduce you all to her and also her companion. Which I have to draw her too.

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