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Hail for the SasuSaku Fandom :D

It has been more than a year since Sasuke and Sakura became canon and I did my happy dance when I saw Sarada! But still there some haters. I mean really, I remember back then in my high school years that I was always angry every time I read a hate comment or bashing about Sakura. We all know that she was an annoying fan girl in the beginning but she grew out of her infatuation and it turned into love. And I give Kishimoto-sensei a big bow on her character development. Well I found this babies (image facts) in tumblr and I say it made my day!


After reading this, I did my happy dance to the extreme! I hope of more SasuSaku moments in the Next Generation and some BoruSara. I hope those two will end up together! 🙂 And let me dance again with the biggest shipper of the series, Kakashi-sensei!

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