Naruto and Naruto Shippuden

Well we all know that it is now more than 1 year since the end of the Naruto manga but the anime is still on going. I mean the fillers are really getting annoying but at least there will be more SasuSaku moments 😀 I hope that Kishimoto,-sensei and the producer will plan something epic in the anime ending since The Last movie and Boruto was already released. >_<

Since the premier of the series here in my country (Philippines) I became an avid fan of it [I was like 8 or 9 years old at that time. Wow I am getting old *sweat drop*]. When I entered in my senior year in high school I discovered the idea of shipping or OTPs or fandom. Well I didn’t have a problem in finding my fandom since the beginning I ship SasuSaku and later in Shippuden I also ship NaruHina. I already had a feeling that Naruto will end up with Hinata back then in my elementary years but the characters were still in their development stage. A lot will happen depends on Kishimoto,-sensei.

During my high school years, I only updated on the manga than the anime. Didn’t have the time to download episodes back then and I got addicted to a book series. So I recently updated my anime database [*cough* hard-drive] and had a marathon from the beginning of the series up to the latest episode.


And as always, action manga is better in anime. [well in my opinion, I don’t know about the other anime fans out there]. So I will this one article about Naruto for now. I am currently on Naruto-high again. The last time was in my sophomore year in high school. ;D

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